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5 amazing things to do with your Perth Backyard once your pool is removed

So you’ve finally made the decision to get rid of that swimming pool but you’re not sure what to do with your backyard once it’s gone? Most of the Perth people we talk to each week about swimming pool removal feel exactly the same way. That said, there are loads of low maintenance, reasonably priced options that you can take to fill in the void once your pool is gone.

1 – A rockery

The great thing about a rockery peppered with succulents or cacti is that you are basically setting yourself up for a zero maintenance yard. They are also incredibly attractive and use a lot less water than other kinds of gardens.

2 – Artificial turf

If you’re someone who really doesn’t want to replace their pool with a whole lot of grass that you’ll have to mow then artificial grass can be a great option. When we took out Marie’s pool she went down that track.

3 – A pergola

Extending your living space outdoors is a great way to make use of the place where your pool used to be. Putting in a covered outdoor seating area is one way that a lot of our customers go when they’re planning what to do with the extra space.

4 – A granny flat

As long as you get a compaction certificate after your pool has been removed then you can build another structure. One that you could potentially rent out for extra income or use as space for guests when you have visitors.

5 – A herb garden

There are plenty of hardy herbs that don’t take a lot of looking after, they’re fresh, attractive and can add something special to your meals too. Consider rosemary, thyme and oregano for hard wearing and low maintenance – not to mention tasty!



Asbestos Swimming Pools

Believe it or not some swimming pools in Perth are actually made from asbestos. We have struck this problem many times over the years. The biggest problem is a lot of other companies that do not specialise in the removal of a pool are unaware of how to properly deal with an Asbestos pool. This can result in increased removal costs.

One of the most common designs of asbestos pools is a liner pool with a concrete path poured around the edge. The vast majority of asbestos swimming pools that we remove in Perth have this composition.

Basically these pools a comprised of a 19mm asbestos sheet, a concrete floor and a liner. The inside of the pool looks exactly like any other liner pool until the liner is removed and the asbestos exposed. Many of these pools originally had stickers on the sheets saying that asbestos was used in the manufacturing process, however these fade over the years and it can be difficult to see what they say once they’ve been installed for a few years.

If the presence of asbestos is not identified before the swimming pool removal begins, there are generally one of two outcomes.

  1. The contractor will start breaking up the pool without knowing asbestos is present. This can result in significant environmental impact. Asbestos dust is nasty stuff and should only be handled by a properly experienced and qualified expert. There can also be extremely high fines levied against people responsible for the removal of asbestos pools without due care and attention being taken.

  2. The contractor will levy a substantial cost on the homeowner or give them the option of just burying the asbestos. This results in a contaminated backyard, is an illegal act and could cause huge problems down the track for the homeowner.

The team at Pool Removal Perth are used to removing pools of all shapes and sizes which are constructed of a range of different materials. This includes asbestos. Our team know how to handle the material properly and, perhaps more importantly, identify what pools contain asbestos before we start the job so you don’t get any nasty surprises once we get started.

Poorly maintained pools cost Perth lives

Poorly Maintained Pools Can Kill


Not only are poorly maintained pools dangerous, they can result in huge fines and even lawsuits.

We’re approaching the time of year that families come together and grandkids are running around their grandparents back yards. This is traditionally when Aussies wind down and get to enjoy all the great things that go along with living in such a wonderful place, unfortunately it is also the time of year that kids get hurt.  Between December first and December 23rd last year there were three serious incidents of children nearly drowning in backyard swimming pools.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong

The culprits in cases like these are almost invariably poorly maintained or below standard swimming pools or fencing. It’s not only dangerous, it’s also illegal and could find a homeowner being held criminally liable for any injuries that occur. Just ask Philip Cameron from Armidale who was actually charged with manslaughter in 2012 after a toddler strayed into his yard and ended up drowning to death in his poorly maintained pool.

The effects of not properly maintaining your pool can be huge and very long ranging. You are at risk of fines from council, someone getting seriously hurt and even a reduced property value. If you’ve got a dilapidated pool in your yard we’d love to give you a free, no-obligation quote to remove it. If you have a current seniors card we’ll even give you 10% off the price!


Richard of Fremantle removed his pool.

Richard and his wife of Fremantle purchased this property 2 years ago, they loved the property but not so much the pool, They thought they would use the pool but over the two years, Richard spent more time cleaning the pool than swimming in it.


A large gum tree was overhanging the pool and that meant that there were always leaves to clean up which also blocked the pump and skimmer box. After arranging a temporary decking to cover the pool early on in the year so they could get married in the backyard they decided that they loved the look of the backyard without the pool so decided it was time to have it removed.


Once we had completed the pool removal in Fremantle, Richard said the biggest regret he had was that he should have done it 2 years ago when they moved in instead of dragging it out and spending money on something that was never used.

The job was very narrow access with a number of steps to tackle and a heap of services to avoid like aircon, gas, water and sewerage pipe. We had to cut and remove a small brick wall to gain access into the property with protection of our protection boards there was no damage to anything. The job was successfully completed in one day with the removal and backfill of the swimming pool and the removal of the concrete surroundings.


While packing up on the job the neighbour came over to see if we could come over and quote for the removal of his pool as he was in the same situation.
Does this all sound too familiar? Find out more by calling us today on 08 6461 6464 or fill out the contact form below.

Removing her old pool changed Beth’s life, here’s how

Willetton grandmother Beth and her husband had spent many happy years enjoying their swimming pool with their family. As they got older though and their kids moved onto lives of their own it became a huge, unused and very expensive annoyance that took up most of their back yard.

After they’d made the decision to get rid of the pool, the first thing that she did was contact companies that offered free pool removal. She quickly discovered that companies that offer this type of service are extremely selective about the types of pools they take out. As access was difficult when it came to getting machinery into her back yard they were quoting thousands of dollars to bring in specialised machinery to get the shell removed.

Many Pool Removal Perth customers just want to reclaim their yard so they can do something useful with it once the kids have flown the coop.

As even the free pool removal companies were looking to levy high fees she thought it would be prudent to get in touch with a few other pool removal services to get a few quotes in and compare their offerings. She called us.

Pool Removal Perth are a specialist swimming pool removal company, we’ve been removing all sorts of pools for all sorts of Perth people for over 8 years. We explained that we could complete the job for her, we had the specialist machinery that was necessary and if she wanted to go ahead we could have the pool out, backfilled and compacted in less than a day so she could get on with her plans for the yard.

Three days later the Pool Removal Perth team arrived at her house. By 3pm, the job was done. What’s more, because Beth had a senior’s card she got an extra 10% off the price.

From wasting money to saving money

What Beth did next was nothing short of awesome. Beth was always a keen gardener but the pool taking up so much space meant she only had a small plot of land to grow her prized vegetables. Where the pool used to be there are now a series of raised garden beds. Garden beds that she uses to grow amazing, healthy and tasty organic vegetables. Vegetables which she shares with her kids and grandkids.

Veggie gardens are a popular choice

The plot of land that provided so much joy for her growing family is now providing healthy, fresh food to her children’s growing families as well as her and her husband. What’s more, instead of costing her money in maintenance for the swimming pool, it’s now saving everybody money by providing food.

If you’ve got a disused swimming pool that you want removed then get in touch with Pool Removal Perth. You can call the team on 08 6461 6464 or just click here to request your quote. We look forward to working with you to help you do something awesome with your back yard, just like Beth did.