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payment plans

No Interest Ever Installment Plans Available.

A lot of clients obtain a quotation to remove their pool and want to go ahead with the removal of the pool but the small cost is holding them back, So we have created an in-house installment plan to allow you to have your pool removed this month and pay it off over 12 months.

About our installment plans

These are an in-house installment plan, So there is no 3rd party or finance company involved. With a couple of condition to meet the criteria

Perth Home Owner

Owns a swimming pool

Perth Resident

Can manage fortnightly or Monthly payments

About our installment plans

Our quoted price is what it is, There is no more to pay! You can pay the balance early with no penalties, Once the balance is at $0 that's it no need to phone to end the agreement. Oh sorry! I forgot there is one fee that you may need to pay! There is a $11.95 Dishonour fee that will apply to any direct debit that is not successful.

How it works?

1. Fill out the form below to see how much your installment cost will be, We have the option of fortnightly and monthly.
2. Then we will arrange a site visit to check out the job and meet you.
3. We do have a contract and a direct debit request form to sign which we will run through with you on the day
4. We will arrange a start date and will require a small deposit as quoted
5. We will complete the job on the agreed date then your first installment will start from there