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Buyer beware: What to look for when buying a house with a pool

Does your pool cost more than it's worth every month?

Is it under-used, unwanted, and unappealing? Have the kids moved on or are you trying to sell the house, but the pool keeps driving away interested buyers? Did you just buy the PERFECT house…except for that ugly hole in the ground in the backyard? You can trust us to show up, on-time, to complete the job on-budget, and remove that ugly waste of money from your life…FAST!

We’re not like normal contractors. We don’t charge hidden fees…everything is up-front and transparent.If you’re new to working
with a contractor…we guide you through every step of the journey.

Contact Us Now To Schedule Your Free, No-Pressure Price Consultation Pool removal can be a very fast and inexpensive solution for getting rid of an unwanted swimming pool… eliminating all the cost and headaches once and for all.

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People just like you come to us all the time with different reasons why they no longer want their pool. Here are some of the reasons to why Perth home owners want their pool removed.

  • Kids have grown up and left home
  • The pool sit under-used
  • Pool repairs cost more than removing it
  • Sub-dividing the back yard
  • Cost to much time and money to maintain
  • Just simply over it

Here What Others Are Saying About Us!

The Perth dream to own a backyard pool lost appeal due to the rising costs and ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

The Perth dream to own a backyard pool lost appeal due to the rising cost and ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

We've been specializing in removing pools in Perth for over 5 years now and I've been involved in the earthmoving industry for more than a decade.

The Perth dream to own a backyard pool lost appeal due to the rising costs and ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

Removing a pool can be a big decision to make so we will walk you through every step of the way to make you feel comfortable and happy to answer any questions you may have.

There has not been a job we have come across that we couldn't do, no matter what access issues exist or where your pool is located on your property, with our specialized equipment we can get any job done at a competitive price.

We also offer compaction certificates, plus we also use protection boards for machinery to help eliminate damage to your property.

​Why Settle For Less Than Your Perfect Backyard?

Pool Removal Perth are Perth’s most experienced and trusted Pool Removal specialist. With 10 years of experience as swimming pool removal specialists, we are locals just like our customers are. We know Perth, we know pools are we’re perfectionists. So if you want your pool removed right then get a quote on your pool removal today!


Geoff had a pool in his yard that he wasn’t using, that was costing him money and that he really just wanted gone. He had some advice for other Perth homeowners who wanted to take the leap and get rid of their pools, here’s what he had to say about the experience…

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We are the only specialist Pool Removal company to hold membership of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia.

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