What is compaction and do i need it?

Yes we have the option to compact in layers of .300mm,  We can also supply a engineer’s compaction certificate if you are building on the area. We are proud to have a 100% pass rate on all projects!
Compaction is only required if you want to build on the area, Council will also require a compaction certificate to build. We are able to arrange an engineer to supply this for you.

Compaction can also stop any paving or concrete you plan to put over the area from sinking.

What do you do with the pool?

Typically we cut out and remove the pool shell, this is then taken off for recycling. 

How much access do i need?

We have a range of different machines, so we can get down the side of the house with as little as 800mm. There are also a few tricks we can use to gain access if required.

How long does it take to complete?

We want to minimise disturbance to your and your neighbours. Our team is extremely efficient and, with our years of experience, we’ve got it down pat. The majority of pools are removed, back filled and all done within a day.

What do you fill the hole with?

Unlike some contractors we don’t just use any old sand. Our sand is a recycled product which is great for the environment and lowers our impact on landfill in WA, Recycled clean fill is safe and clean. It has to meet strict standards (AS 4964-2004) the sand undergoes testing in a geotechnical laboratory. From time to time we may use quarry cut sand depending on site location.