5 reasons Perth homeowners remove their swimming pool

We’ve been removing swimming pools in Perth for many years and there are some pretty consistent reasons that homeowners decide to bite the bullet and get rid of their pool. Here are 9 that come up all the time.

Reason 1: The kids have flown the coop

Back when you had a young family your swimming pool played a central role in the leisure activities in your home. Now you’re older and they’ve got families of their own then the costs of owning the pool are just no longer justifiable.

Reason 2: The pool is in disrepair and it’s a safety hazard

If you, or the previous owner of your property, has not kept on top of the maintenance that every pool requires then it doesn’t take much for problems to develop. In many cases this can make your pool unsafe.

Reason 3: The house is new (to you) and it already has a pool

If you’re not going to use it it could require thousands of dollars a year in maintenance. Get it taken out as a part of your other remodeling and you won’t even notice the cost. Imagine what you could do with all that extra space!

Reason 4: Extending the house and the pool is in the way

You’d like some more indoor space and you’ve got a huge, unused pool right in the way of your new extension. A great reason to get rid of your pool and a great time to do it as a part of the other renovations.

Reason 5: The thing just costs too much to own

Owning a pool comes with energy costs, water costs, chemicals and other expenses (especially when it comes to local council regulations being changed). It may well be the case that you’ve just got better things to do with the money. Pools are also not very environmentally friendly!