What can go wrong with a pool refurbishment

It’s amazing how many pools we end up coming in to remove that have actually been recently renovated by cowboy contractors costing the homeowner thousands of dollars and a whole load of stress. There are generally two reasons that people choose a swimming pool renovation over a pool removal. The first that they genuinely want to keep the pool in service, the second being that they have a perception that refurbing a pool is cheaper than removing it.
For the first group our advice is that they make sure they go with a professional pool refurbishment company and that they check their references. There are a lot of cowboys out there and it can get very costly and stressful if you get someone irresponsible or inexperienced to complete the work. For the second group of people, who think they are saving money. It’s not just about what the pool costs to repair, it’s also about what it costs to own and the negative impact on the value of your property.
A quick search on the Internet will find plenty of people in home improvement forums, both in Australia and abroad, sharing stories of badly behaved or inexperienced contractors leaving swimming pools in bad shape after the repairs. When it comes to fibreglass pools, cracks that have been repaired will never be as strong as the rest of the shell. Repairs can often only last a short while, especially if the person making them is not an expert in doing this kind of work.
Another issue with a fibreglass pool repair is that it can be difficult to match the colouring. Fibreglass fades over time and the repairs can look ugly.
When it comes to concrete and liner pools, once again, it’s not hard to take a look online and find myriad posts that contain absolute nightmare experiences about repairs to these kinds of pools. Liners not fitting properly, bad surfacing one the concrete pour and issues with poorly laid paving. These pools are also generally extremely expensive to conduct a refurbishment on. Concrete pools in particular need regular maintenance and resurfacing, this can make a repair extremely expensive if they haven’t been maintained to standard in the past.
The long and short of matters is that, costs of repairs aside, a swimming pool is an extremely expensive asset. Spending thousands of dollars a year for something that, in Perth, is only really useable for a few months doesn’t make sense. How about a vegie garden?
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