Filling in your concrete swimming pool – the how and the why

If you’re removing a concrete swimming pool in your Perth property it can be tempting just to drain it and fill it in with sand. It will save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of time.
You can just go ahead and plant a garden on top of it, or perhaps some lawn, then you’re done and all it’s going to cost you is a guy with a bobcat for a few hours and some clean fill sand.
So what have you got to lose? Why bother going to the extent and expense of completing a proper concrete pool removal?
The reality is that if you plan to keep your property forever, never want to put any structure on the site where the pool is and would like to decrease the value of the property if you do decide to sell it. Then filling your empty concrete pool with sand is a solid option.
Should you find yourself needing to sell the house, subdivide your land or even build a granny flat at some time down the line though, here’s what is going to have to happen:
You’re going to have to dig out the sand you filled the pool with.
Of course that also involves removing whatever flora has grown on top of that sand in the intervening time.
You’re then going to have to spend all the money you saved in the first place, plus quite possibly a lot more.
Why is that?
It’s a lot easier to drain a pool of water than of soil and plants.
You’re also going to be up for several days more work and a bill for landscaping the site once you’ve filled it back in.
Pool Removal Perth are swimming pool removal experts, we want our customers to be happy with the results. That’s why we would never recommend filling in the shell of a concrete swimming pool without removing the pool first. Would you like your concrete pool removed? Click here for a quote.