Free swimming pool removal, is it right for you?

There are a number of companies in the Perth area that will remove fibreglass swimming pools without charge. While this sounds fantastic on the surface, as the old adage goes nothing in life is free. First off, let’s take a look at why it is that any company would want to spend thousands of dollars of its own money to remove your fibreglass pool for free.
The intention on their part is to refurbish the pool and onsell it to someone else.
That means it has to be in extremely good condition or they’re probably going to refuse to help you.
As we mentioned about you’ll also need to make sure the pool is fibreglass, concrete and brick liner pool owners have no choice but to make the investment.
You will also find that companies that remove swimming pools for free in Perth will not accept jobs with narrow access. That means that if there is not at least a 1.9m wide access way to your swimming pool then you’re going to almost certainly incur additional expense.

Things can go very, very wrong if you have the wrong contractor on the job. While the above video relates to installing and not removing a pool, if you don’t have the experts on the job – installing or removing – you could have some problems.
The goal of companies that offer this service is to obtain your pool as quickly as possible. While we’re not suggesting that they will be irresponsible, you can expect to be left with a giant hole in your yard, companies that to provide free backfill will not do it on the day and in practise often not until several days later.
We do charge for swimming pool removal, we also work with any kind of pool and can provide for narrow access jobs. We’ll also help organise backfilling, compacting and (if you need one) a compaction certificate to satisfy council if you want to construct something like a granny flat where the pool used to be.
With fibreglass we are usually in and out in less than a day, concrete and liner pools can take a little longer. Our customer feedback speaks for itself, don’t trust your yard to a cowboy who doesn’t care – trust Pool Removal Perth to get the job done. Click here for your quote.