John & Judith on removing their pool

John & Judith Hunt came to Pool Removal Perth to have their swimming pool removed as a result of a desire to better use their outdoor living space. The decision on which contractor to choose for the task was not one that they took lightly. This is what they had to say after the job was completed…
2015-07-16-08-16-20“We had finally decided to remove our existing pool, and to create something more useful in the space. The next major decision was to employ a suitable contractor.
After numerous discussions with various contractors, we came to the conclusion that there was only one man we had enough confidence in to do the work…..Adam Martelletti.
We were impressed with the information on his website and made contact. From this initial enquiry, through to the completed project, Adam’s professionalism and efficiency was evident throughout.
With his clear and concise project details, and confident and friendly attitude, it was a pleasure to do business with him.
In our opinion he is “the right man for the job”, and we would have no doubts about personally recommending him. He will cleanly and efficiently remove an unwanted pool.2015-07-16-12-41-38-1
Contact Adam for his friendly project advise and I can assure that you will not be disappointed.”
Are you a Perth homeowner who is thinking of taking the plunge and getting rid of your pool? Call us today on 08 6461 6464 and we’ll get the job done for you in less than a day.