Geoff from Beechboro removed his pool, this is what he had to say about it

Geoff in Beechboro was looking to remove a pool that he was no longer using. The family had already flown the coop and it just didn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars a year for the upkeep of the pool when they hardly used it.
He called the experts and we had the pool gone and backfilled within a few hours, we asked Geoff a few questions about his experience and what advice he’d give to other Perth homeowners who are considering biting the bullet, saving money, reclaiming their backyard and getting rid of their swimming pool.
Geoff from Beechboro removed his pool, this is what he had to say about it - Pool Removal Perth
Here’s what he said:
What was the problem you were experiencing before you decided to remove your pool?
No real problems,just that looking forward to the future we couldn’t see that the pool would be used as much as it should be considering the time & effort to keep in good working condition,also the continued expense in maintaining the pool again in good condition.
What would you say to anyone considering removing their pool?
Just make sure you have weighed up all the pros & cons regarding leaving the pool in or removing & if the decision is to remove then also consider what you have to do to your property to tidy the situation up after the pool is removed & make sure you can visualise what the end result will be,also what was important to us was the fact that we didn’t have to have a crane to lift the pool over our house as what happened when it was installed,it just eliminates another cause for concern.
Geoff from Beechboro removed his pool, this is what he had to say about it - Pool Removal Perth
Tell me what your experience has been with our services?
Exceptional, in this day & age,

  1. Adam always responded quickly from day one with my enquires.
  2. The follow up of extra over information regarding frequently asked questions regarding pool removal was also very helpful & answered other quires that I had been thinking about.
  3. As it got closer to making the final decision what to do with the pool Adam presented himself on site & again made us comfortable about what would happen on the day & what to expect.
  4. It was also good to be able to speak to a couple other clients who had work done by your company & the feedback was positive.
  5. The on the day experience was exactly as what was discussed,it was also comforting to know that that Adam himself was there all day to see through the project rather than getting his guys to do the job while he disappeared from the site,I felt that because I dealt with Adam directly that him being on site all day that the job would work out as discussed,to many times these days jobs are left to others while the “boss” disappeared to other jobs & comes back later to see how things have gone,from the client’s point of view you don’t feel if this happens that you have any control of the job in particular if something seems to be going wrong.
  6. The end result of cleaning up etc was done as I had expected,being a realist i understand that there will be further sorting out of sand to where it was dumped, paving that sinks & you have to tidy, this is a very important part of the contract that needs to be pointed out to the client as some clients will have expectations that the pool will be removed & that the hole will be filled in & that you would never have know any one was working there on that day,with heavy machinery clients have to understand that there will be some rectification work required at the end of the day.

Why would you recommend us to someone else?
Basically because you delivered what you said you would & in an acceptable time frame, excellent communication between yourself & client,affordable price compared to other options & the job is done in one day.
Geoff from Beechboro removed his pool, this is what he had to say about it - Pool Removal Perth
Is there anything you would like to add?
Probably the only thing that I would have liked which in the end would have been better for me was to have had more cover sheets available to lay on the paving which probably would have helped to reduce the amount of sunken paving bricks that I now have to fix up.
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