Pool Removal Perth joins SPASAWA

We’re pleased to announce our membership of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia, we are the only specialist pool removal company that holds membership of the association in WA.
Pool Removal Perth joins SPASAWA - Pool Removal Perth
Pool Removal Perth is pleased to be associated with an organisation which holds its members to high standards as a part our ongoing commitment to be the best pool removal company in Perth.
We have been removing swimming pools in Perth for many years and do an average of 3-4 a week, every week of the year.
Our staff are profession and it doesn’t matter where on the property your pool is or what it is constructed from. The majority of Fibreglass pools that we remove are taken out, back filled and tidied up in less than a day.
For clients that need it, we offer interest-free in-house finance and can spread the cost over 12 months for them. We also offer a 10% discount to holders of a current WA Seniors Card.
So if you’re looking to have your pool removed, get in touch with the Pool Removal Perth team today on 08 6461 6464 or click here to request your quote.